​        In 1995 The Canadian Vietnam Veterans
Memorial Association was
 created to
​recognize the 
​efforts of those Canadians
who ​chose to 
​serve with the ​United States
​during the Vietnam War.

​​Between 1959 and 1975 approximately
​ 40,000 Canadians did embark on a journey
​ that would forever change their lives.
​Some never returned.

​Today we exist to promote awareness,
​ ​​support veterans, and to honour 
​​and remember those ​that lost their lives
​while serving ​in Vietnam.
Windsor native, Private First Class Larry Semeniuk wanted to be a soldier. He was an adventurous, restless and proud young man in search of a greater purpose in life. He joined the Essex Scottish Student Militia as soon as he was of age and always spoke of the possibilities the U.S. ...      Read More
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